Insomnia Brass Band

„…it’s great fun, you want to dance pogo to it. More of this please!“ Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Jazzthetik
„Calypsomanic vitality in XXL“ Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy

Anke Lucks – trombone
Almut Schlichting – baritone saxophone
Christian Marien – drums

Playing and moving, moving and playing, on trains and on stages, between the mountains and the sea, adventurous in music and on the road: this has been the life of Berlin`s Insomnia Brass Band since the release of their debut album – „Late Night Kitchen“ – two years ago. All of this is reflected in music and title of their high-energy second album: „Road Works“.

Trombonist Anke Lucks and baritone saxophonist Almut Schlichting began their collaborative work in 2017, with drummer Christian Marien coming aboard a year later.

The three musicians created a miniature brass band, juggling shifting rolls, toggling between rhythm and melody as they traverse a beguiling landscape of free jazz, funk, punk rock, and New Orleans brass band traditions. Collectively, they have been spending an increasing amount of time pushing and stretching their original tunes with a mixture of improvisational brio and body-moving funk. more

Insomnia Brass Band – Road Works
Tiger Moon Records TMR 011 (Release Oktober 2022)
supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
CD Reviews „Road Works“: more

Insomnia Brass Band – Late Night Kitchen
Tiger Moon Records TMR 009 (Release November 2022)
supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

CD Reviews „Late Night Kitchen“: more

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Preview Concerts 2023:

08.01.2023 Berlin Industriesalon Schöneweide Tiger Moon Records Day
26.-28.01.2023 Tórshavn / Faröer Inseln Vertrarjazz Festival
(with travel expense support by the Goethe Institut)
10.02.2023 Schorndorf Manufaktur
11.03.2023 Nordhausen Jazzclub
11.05.2023 Lübeck CVJM
12.05.2023 Braunschweig Roter Saal
30.06.2023 Dortmund domicil
02.07.2023 Reinstorf One World Ostheide
22.09.2023 Wels Schl8hof
14.10.2023 Burgthann Jazz in der Burg

Retrospect Concerts 2022:

19.01.2022 München Unterfahrt
20.01.2022 Wien Porgy & Bess
11.03.2022 Villach Kulturforum
07.04.2022 Insomnia Brass Band Double Drums (feat. Alfred Vogel) Berlin Sowieso
12.05.2022 Salzburg JazzIt (& Max Plattner Trio)
28.05.2022 Schwäbisch Gmünd Jazz Mission (& Alfred Vogel, Schlagzeug)
16.06.2022 Berlin NoVilla Poets´Corner Festival
19.06.2022 Berlin Brass Festival
12.08.2022 Erfurt Jazzclub
27.08.2022 Rangsdorf GEDOK Sommerfest
03.09.2022 Hannover Tonhalle
08.09.2022 Chemnitz Weltecho
10.09.2022 Karlsruhe Jazzfest in der Schauburg (& Alfred Vogel, Schlagzeug)
16.09.2022 Rottweil Jazz im Refektorium
17.09.2022 Nürnberg Jazzstudio
24.09.2022 Tosterglope Kunstraum
13.-16.10.2022 Salzburg Festival Jazz & The City (& Alfred Vogel, Schlagzeug)
28.10.2022 Gdansk Jazz Jantar Festival
27.11.2022 Berlin Satellit

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Almut Schlichting

Photos: Oliver Potratz (Band Portrait), Paweł Wyszomirski (Concert Photos Gdansk Jazz Jantar Festival)

Bandfotos (© Oliver Potratz)
Konzertfoto (© Rolf Schöllkopf)
Bandfotos (© Alexander Beierbach)
CD TMR 011
Cover „Road Works“
CD TMR 009
Cover „Late Night Kitchen“