Insomnia Brass Band

„…it’s great fun, you want to dance pogo to it. More of this please!“ Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Jazzthetik
„Calypsomanic vitality in XXL“ Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy

Anke Lucks – trombone
Almut Schlichting – baritone saxophone
Christian Marien – drums

Baritone saxophonist Almut Schlichting, trombonist Anke Lucks, and drummer Christian Marien are a miniature brass band, transcending its compact size to produce a raucous, ebullient sound one might expect from a much larger ensemble.more

The Insomnia Brass Band was founded in spring 2017 during a working scholarship of the Berlin Senate and developed its sound around the playing material composed by Lucks and Schlichting. Since 2018 the band has been touring with numerous concerts in jazz clubs and at festivals. With another Senate scholarship, the trio has now recorded their first CD „Late Night Kitchen“ – it was released on November 27, 2020 on Tiger Moon Records!

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Concerts 2021:
09.04.2021 Uslar Literatur- und Kunstkreis
10.04.2021 Syke Jazz Folk Klassik
23.04.2021 München Unterfahrt
28.05.2021 Bielefeld Bunker Ulmenwall
29.05.2021 Heidelberg Jazzclub
30.05.2021 Reutlingen Pappelgarten
03.06.2021 Jena Café Wagner
04.06.2021 Pfaffenhofen Künstlerwerkstatt
05.06.2021 Brelingen Kultur unterm Schauer
06.06.2021 Bamberg Jazzclub
24.07.2021 Krefeld Jazzklub open air
04.08.2021 Karlsruhe Toujours Kultur Festival
05.08.2021 Bezau Beatz Festival
08.08.2021 Klasdorf Umrangiert Festival
19.08.2021 Chemnitz Weltecho
20.08.2021 Ilmenau Jazzclub
09.09.2021 Stralsund Blechwerk
06.11.2021 Taubenbach Zoglau3
17.12. 2021 Graz Stockwerkjazz

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Almut Schlichting

Photos: Rolf Schoellkopf, Frank Schindelbeck, Alexander Beierbach
Text: Peter Margasak

Cover „Late Night Kitchen“
Konzertfoto (© Rolf Schöllkopf)
Bandfotos (© Alexander Beierbach)